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onsdag 31. oktober 2012

CFM Art Calendar 2013

I received this letter from CFM International, 20th. of June 2012: 

"I represent CFM International, a joint company between Snecma of France, and General Electric Company, USA. CFM is the world's largest producer of jet engines.

Each year, CFM produces a fine art calendar of outstanding quality that includes paintings by artists who were born in our customer countries. A large wall calendar and small desk calendar are produced, and 11,000 copies of each are distributed free of charge to customers around the world.

Several paintings from each of 17 countries are now being considered for calendar year 2013. Selection of the twelve paintings (one each from 12 countries) to be included in the 2013 calendar will be finalized in late June or July.  CFM’s parent companies, France and the United States, appear every year.  I hope that you will want to work with us to feature a Norwegian-born artist in the 2013 calendar.

We have looked at your website and we would like to show a few of your paintings to the committee for consideration.  Paintings must not be political or religious in nature but should show the life and landscape/people of Norway.  Paintings we’re interested in showing are (as suggestions):  “Winter,” “Frozen Trees,” “Passage,” “After Rain, Lake Oyeren,” “View from Bitihorn,” “The Seven Sisters,” and “Lake Myrdammen.”  You may have others similar to these that are representative of Norway that you would like to submit.

If one of the paintings you provide is chosen for 2013, ten copies of the 2013 wall and desk calendars will be sent to the address you direct, once the project is finished in October.  If not chosen, one copy will be sent.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Wanda Parrott for CFM International Calendar Team
Cincinnati, OH U.S.A.

Phone 1-513-772-9288
Fax 1-513-772-9397

Check out the CFM website at"

I was accepted in september. The Art Calendars are already printet!
The CFM Wall Calendar 2013

The CFM Wall Calendar, September - NORWAY
The Table Calendar

 "Lake Myrdammen", Nordby
Pastel on paper, 38 x 46 cm