Impressionist painter Tore Hogstvedt

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fredag 24. januar 2014

Gallery France

Welcome to GALLERY FRANCE, one of the leading art galleries in France specialised in 21 century artwork
"Established since 1998, GALLERY FRANCE represents some of the finest artists from around the world, from traditional Impressionism, Post- Impressionism and Realism up to the more contemporary and provocative works of art. Artists, whose work are found in the finest private collections and museums all over the world.
We proudly announces our summer season exhibition of masterworks, which will run during from March 25 to October 30, 2014, at the GALLERY FRANCE, Chemin du Chateau, Beynac-et-Cazenac" 

- by Art director Chris van Dijk at Gallery France  
My artworks will be available at Gallery France from March 25th. 2014