Impressionist painter Tore Hogstvedt

Phone: +47 90996756

fredag 30. november 2018

Art Decor at Advokatfirmaet Elden DA

Hogstvedt artworks are exhibited at the law company:

Advokatfirmaet Elden DA
St. Olavs gate 25
0129 Oslo
Tel: +4721611300 

The law firm Elden is a procedural law firm that offers a diverse array of legal services and is handling a large number of cases before the Courts. Within the field of litigation and criminal defense, they are one of the largest law firms in Norway. The firm is built around John Christian Elden and his colleagues outstanding competence and 25 years of experience in the field of law.

Tore Hogstvedt at the law company 30.11.18

Artworks available for sale: 
Lysaker River
Giclée on paper, 33x45 cm
NOK 5.500 / framed 

Lake Myrdammen
 Giclée on paper, 38x52 cm
NOK 6.500 / framed 

Giclée on paper (large)
NOK 12.000 / framed 

Early Sun 
Lithography 44x37 cm
NOK 7.500 / framed 

August Morning
Lithography 40x50 cm
NOK 7.500 / framed 

Spring Sigdal
 Giclée on paper (large)
NOK 12.000 / framed 

The Passage
Giclée on paper, 26x40 cm
NOK 4.500 / framed

Water Lillies 
Giclée on paper, 27x55 cm
NOK 5.500 / framed 

Wild Flowers
 Giclée on paper, 38x50cm 
NOK 5.500 / framed 

Willow Trees 
Giclée on paper, 72x97 cm. 
NOK 15.000 / framed