Impressionist painter Tore Hogstvedt

Phone: +47 90996756

torsdag 6. august 2020

Zatista online gallery

Dear Tore, 

We love your work! 

Our curation team looks at thousands of artists each year and you stood out to us. 

We are Zatista Fine &Contemporary Art, one of the leading curated online original art galleries in the world. After reviewing your site, we`re confident your artwork would really appeal to our network of buyers, collectors and interrior desginers. 
On that note, we`d love to personally invite you to showcase your work on Zatista. 

We are selective, and you are pre-approved. 

For incoming artists who apply, we accept roughly 5 %. 
For those who are selected, it is an incredible opportunity to be part of a leading curated oline gallery, reach a much wider audience and increase sales.