fredag 23. september 2011

My painting "HØSTGLEDE" a gift to Kongsvinger. A project created by art collector Rolf Nordli.

My painting "HØSTGLEDE" was placed in The Library of Kongsvinger by Major Arve Bones. A wonderful event for every citizen living in Kongsvinger. A great Event created by my good friend and supporter Rolf Nordli.  
Major Arve Bones and the coordinator for this event, Uno Arnesen.

Music by Sinikka Langeland. She`s a folksinger, kantele player and composer who lives in Finnskogen, Norway. Due to her remarkable vocal and concert-kantele technique, she has been described as sounding like a whole orchestra all by herself.

2 kommentarer:

  1. a wonderful gesture by Major Bones of one of your most remarkable paintings (one of my favourites). also a sign that you are also a nationally recognised artist as well as internationally!

  2. It was a great event! I`m very happy about it :-)