søndag 8. oktober 2017

Beauty of Pakistan 27th. of October 2017

Art by Tore Hogstvedt 

Grand Opening at Friday the 27th. of October 6:pm  

"An exclusive art exhibition by Tore Hogstvedt with paintings from Pakistan. 

Join us for a unique journy into the heart of Pakistan and enjoy the Beauty of Pakistan.
The evening will also include music perfomance. 

Part of the proceeds from the paintings will go to building a school for underpriviliged children in Pakistan"

TCF Norway

                                        Doors open
                     Introduction by Aamir Javed Sheikh
                   Presentation by TORE HOGSTVEDT
                          Music by Hamza Qwwali group

PS! Enterance is free but we accept donations through Vipps "TCF Norway" or #12036.

Painting out of doors. Rakaposhi is 7.780 m

Gilgit-Baltistan,in front of Mt.Rakaposhi

Naltar River, Gilgit-Baltistan
Oil on linen, 50x60 cm

Oil on linen, 30x40 cm

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