Impressionist painter Tore Hogstvedt

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torsdag 22. februar 2018

Statements about Tore Hogstvedt

"I first encountered Mr. Hogstvedt’s work here in Los Angeles in 2009. 
His landscapes extend Impressionist practice into new horizons. Saturated with 
subjective, expressive color, they retain the truth of nature, heightened and transformed
by the artist into a distinct and personal statement. We wish him continued success"

Beverly Hills USA - 2018 

Kevin Z. Anderson and Tore Hogstvedt artworks.
Anderson Galleries, Beverly Hills - 2009

Written by Husar Fine Art, Beverly Hills - 2018 
Audis Husar, Beverly Hills 2010 

Tore Hogstvedt

Norway evokes images of Fiords and ice and snow and rugged landscapes but Tore Hogstvedt has managed to look beyond the stereotypes and has created a body of work that looks at landscape painting in a new, very spiritual way.

His early pursuit of a religious calling profoundly influenced his approach to painting. Originally training to become a priest he found that painting, for him, provided a more fulfilling way of communicating his beliefs.

His amazingly profound landscapes capture the eternal beauty and the spiritual quality of nature and allow us to experience that beauty in a way that brings us back to the peacefulness we experience when we stand in a field of flowers, hear a stream gurgling over rocks or stand in a forest dwarfed by trees.

A visit to one of Tore's landscapes is like a journey back to nature in all it's purity, power and beauty" - Audis Husar
 Written by Audis Husar

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